Tusli not our friend

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  • Dwight Huth
    commented 2019-04-15 02:12:51 -0500
    Have you ever heard of the story of Prometheus.

    It took more than one hand at the table and not just the hand of Prometheus.

    With the first black hole being photographed for the first time I have decided to theorize this:

    Since Einsteins theories break down inside of a black hole it is safe to assume that a black hole or numerous black holes could have existed prior to the Big Bang.

    The Universe has what are called Equal of Opposites values. A star that once gave life in the form of radiant energy, gravity and elements can became the opposite or a black hole that consumes all forms of energy and elements and light.

    The Equal of Opposite value prior to the Big Bang would be a black hole that be the opposite of contemporary black hole in so much that when particles belonging to Pre-Big Bang Zero Point Energy fields interacted with the black hole, matter became super compressed too the point of releasing a tremendous amount of matter that then caused each black hole to change into an opposite value black hole or the center of each galaxy.

    Such an interaction could explain why there are so many galaxies in our Universe. Just like the Hand of God sweeping the Pre-Big Bang fields of Zero Point Energy through the Universe that interacted with billions of Pre-Big Bang black holes that created the billions of galaxies in our Universe over a variable time period with the oldest galaxies being affected by the beginning of the wave and the younger galaxies being affected by the trailing aspect of the wave.

    Each black hole prior to the Big Bang would have been formed out of different Quantum gravity where the excitation of the particles interacting with the black hole would have generated or created similar results all over the Universe.

    Based on how old our galaxy is and finding other galaxies that are the same age as ours, it would be a pretty safe assumption that life does exist in such galaxies.

    Be troubled no more, but lift your hearts into the night sky.