Swing a Swing State

Muslim Democrats are working in the swing states to swing the elections for Democrats and increase our strategic impact. Muslim vote made the difference in the previous elections and will be even more important in 2016.

In addition to the presidential race in the swing states, We are especially focused on Ohio, Wisconsin, and Illinois where 3 critical US Senatorial seats are located.  

Our vote matters. And here is how?

Muslims and other minority communities can make a major difference in electoral politics if they are organized. Here are some examples of the tight elections in which Muslim votes most likely made a difference.

  • In 2,000 George W. Bush, made a special effort to court Muslims during the 2000 campaign. An estimated 60,000 Muslims voted for Bush in Florida, a state he won by mere hundreds of votes.

  • In the 2008 elections, McCain defeated Obama in Missouri by only 3,903 votes. President Obama won North Carolina with just 14,177 votes.

  • President Obama won Ohio with just 200,000 votes. In that state, there were more than 150 trained Muslim volunteers mobilizing voters. The 87 percent Muslim vote likely tipped the balance in his favor.

Muslims have far more voters in these states than the margin of victory. It means if Muslims vote and mobilize other Democratic votes they can make a huge difference by swinging a state and determining the results of a national election.

This is exactly what we did in 2008 and 2012. Let us do it again in 2016.

But this time we plan to organize a bit differently:

  • Organize and support US Senatorial Candidates.

  • Organize Muslim votes in a way that it helps in other non-presidential cycle as well.

  • Organize and support candidates in local elections.

  • Work in partnership with other regional Muslim Democratic Councils.

  • Present Policy priorities and demands on behalf of our Muslim community.

Volunteer today for a swing state.

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