What America Needs Today is More Love & Kindness: Clinton

"What America needs today is more love and kindness," says secretary Clinton in her super Tuesday victory speech while standing in front of a diverse crowd which included minorities including a Muslim hijabi girl. 


78% of Young American Muslims Voted for Sanders on Super Tuesday

78% support for Sanders among younger Muslim voters (age 18 to 24) on super Tuesday. (CAIR survey)


President Obama Thanks Muslims for Their Services


Remarks by the President at Islamic Society of Baltimore on Feb 3, 2016

After more than 200 years, our blended heritage, the patchwork quilt which is America, that is not a weakness, that is one of our greatest strengths.  It’s what makes us a beacon to the world.  It’s what led that mother who wrote to me -- the one who worries about her young daughter -- it led her to end her letter with hope, despite her fears.  She said, “I still believe in one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Full Text


Silently protesting Muslim woman ejected from Trump rally


Rose Hamid, a 56-year-old flight attendant sitting in the stands directly behind Trump, stood up Jan 8th 2016 during Trump's speech when the Republican front-runner suggested that Syrian refugees fleeing war in Syria were affiliated with ISIS.

Senator Bernie Sanders Standing Against Trump Islamophobia


Hillary Clinton Tweets Criticizing Trump Regarding Muslims

Hillary Clinton Tweets against Trump


President Obama 2015 Iftar Speech Remembers Gaza & Rohingyas

June 22, 2015. President Barack Obama spoke out against religious prejudice Monday at a White House dinner celebrating the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.Obama also recognized the refugee crisis triggered by the ongoing violent uprisings in the Middle East, as well as the plight of Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims escaping persecution in their country.

"So tonight, we keep in our prayers those who are suffering around the world, including those marking Ramadan in areas of conflict and deprivation and hunger.  The people of Iraq and Syria as they push back on the barbarity of ISIL.  The people of Yemen and Libya, who are seeking an end to ongoing violence and instability.  Those fleeing war and hardship in boats across the Mediterranean.  The people of Gaza, still recovering from last year’s conflict.  The Rohingya in Myanmar, including migrants at sea, whose human rights must be upheld." More here.


rand-paul-blames_republicans.jpgRand Paul Blames Republicans for the Rise of ISIS

“ISIS exists and grew stronger because of the hawks in our party who gave arms indiscriminately, and most of those arms were snatched up by ISIS,” Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said on MSNBC


Democracy is Winning in Turkey & Tunis

The death of former Turkish President Süleyman Demirel in the same month as Turkish parliamentary elections emphasizes the fact that there have been significant changes in Turkish politics in recent years. Demirel's political career followed a military coup that deposed the Turkish government in 1960 and resulted in the execution of a democratically elected prime minister, Adnan Menderes, on charges of undermining the constitution. In 2015, widespread opposition to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's plans to make considerable changes in the constitution resulted in his political party losing a notable number of seats in parliament, not his execution. More Here


President Obama calls on Burma to end discrimination against Rohingya

JUNE 2, 2015, WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama has urged Myanmar to end discrimination against its ethnic Rohingya minority if it wants to succeed in its democratic transition from decades of junta rule. Rohingyas are indigenous people living in their ancestral lands in Burma but Burmese military government has taken away their citizenship which has started a silent genocide of these people. 

But during his last visit to the nation in November last year, Obama warned that Myanmar's reforms were by "no means complete or irreversible," citing the cramping of freedom of expression, ongoing conflicts and the treatment of Myanmar's minority groups - especially the Rohingya. Read More.

Make dua for the President

Please take some time in your masjids to make dua for the President. We recommend the following:

O'Allah, the Lord of the universe. You are our Creator. You are the one we worship.
May You nourish our president with wisdom and courage to do what is right and to refrain from what is harmful.
We pray that You guide our president to adopt policies that save lives instead of taking lives.
Our country is capable of tremendous good and extraordinary harm. We beg Your mercy for our country and the safety of our ummah and our neighbors.
O' God, direct the thoughts of our president toward the good of all. Bless him to see the right path.
O God, please open our hearts toward our neighbors and open the hearts of our neighbors toward us.
Bless him, O' God, to seek a just and lasting peace amongst ourselves and with all nations.

Victory for Obama and you

Congratulations! The party of diversity has defeated the party of bigotry that adopted in its manifesto to limit freedom of religion for Muslims.

Get out and vote!

It's time to go out and vote. Today is the day your vote can make a difference.
If you're unsure of where to vote, visit this page to find your polling place.

After you vote, there's still more you can do.
Contact your friends on Facebook and encourage them to vote.
Make phone calls to anyone in a Swing State, and tell them to vote.
Call your neighbors and ask if they need a ride to vote.

The 10 Most Islamophobic Moments in the 2012 Elections

From Allen West to Michele Bachmann, these are the most hateful examples of bigotry against Muslims this campaign
By and

When we’re all proven wrong and living in a bacon-less hellscape of Shariah law ruled by the iron fist of Mullah Obama, we can’t say we weren’t warned. According to the right-wing fringe, racism is dead — but long live Islamophobia, for there is jihad in every mosque and we must be vigilant.

But Islamophobia — even from elected officials — is still dramatically undercovered by the media. So you might easily have missed some of these 10 most disgraceful examples of bigotry, ignorance and hate — from obscure county parties to the halls of Congress — during an election cycle with plenty to go around:

10. Allen West is Allen West – Florida Rep. Allen West is known for making inflammatory statements about pretty much everyone, but he has particularly targeted Muslims. This cycle alone, he’s commemorated 9/11 by screening an anti-Islamic film, said that Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison “really does represent the antithesis of the principles upon which this country was established,” and another time theorized that “George Bush got snookered into going into some mosque, taking his shoes off, and then saying that Islam was a religion of peace.”

Read more Islamophobic moments here.

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Stand With Me

"This race is neck and neck. What happens in the next three weeks will determine which side wins.
That's in your hands -- I'll be fighting as hard as I can, but I can't do this without you. President Obama after Oct 16 debate.

Not convinced?

Here are the Six Reasons to Vote for Democrats

1. Republicans have introduced 73 anti-Islam bills in 31 states and the U.S. Congress in the last two years. So far, six states have passed bills intended to interfere in your religious practice as a Muslim American.

2. Most Islamophobes are Republican: Not only are some of the Republican representatives proudly vocal about their bigoted remarks against Muslims, most of the right-wing bigots who are leading the anti-Muslim campaigns with millions of dollars are Republicans. 

3. The New McCarthy Hearings by Peter King: a Republican Congressman for New York, the chair of the House Homeland Security committee started McCarthy-style Congressional hearings on American Muslims.

4. Elected Muslim Representatives: The Democratic Party has the honor of electing the first Muslim to the Congress. Now there are two Muslim Congressmen. Republicans have yet to elect any Muslim Representatives to the Congress.

5. Anti-Immigration laws: In the last two years 164 anti-immigration laws have been passed by states. Most of these laws were presented and voted in by aggressive, right-wing Republicans. Most elected officials who opposed these laws were Democrats.

6. Democratic Party Bylaws Require Diversity: The Democratic Party’s by-laws require party delegation with minority participation, unlike the Republican Party. That is the reason the Democratic Party convention looks more like America: open and inclusive.

                                                                                Read More Details of Six Reason to Vote Democrat Here.

For Those Less Fortunate

My name is Laura Poyneer, I am an American Muslim, and I support Barack Obama and the Democratic Party because I believe they will do the most to reduce poverty. Continue reading

Here is Why Irfan Rydhan is Voting For President Obama

Before President Obama took office in 2009, the economy was already losing 800,000 jobs a month. Now we have seen steady job growth for 30 consecutive months. Obama also saved the US Auto Industry, while his Republican opponent Mitt Romney, wanted to let it die. Although this was a very unpopular move to give federal money help the Auto Industry, Obama stuck with it and in turn saved 1 million Auto jobs in the US and all the government loans made to US Auto Companies were paid back ahead of time. Continue Reading...

See Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Stands Up Against the Attack on Muslims