Final: 5 Reasons Muslims Must Vote Democratic

If you know a Muslim from those 13% Muslims who support President Trump please use these points to talk to them or forward it to them. 

It is critical for Muslim community to be on equal footing in America.

1) It’s not about ideals or issues this time; it’s about reducing harm

Yes, the Democrats are very far from perfect on many, many issues. But unlike Republicans under Trump, Democrats are far more likely to preserve our democratic system of checks and balances that ensures fairness toward all Americans - and a voice for each of us through our vote and engagement. 

Most Republican leaders are only interested in ramming through their own agenda without any regard for laws. They have already stacked the court with judges who lean in their favor - while denying Democrats the same right back in 2016 with Justice Merrick Garland. Nothing makes that clearer than in their appointing Justice Amy Coney Barrett to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg before the election. 

Republicans are clearly not committed to a system of fairness and respect in the courts. How can we expect them to do that outside of it? 


2) Democrats court diversity. Republicans encourage bigotry.  

Most Republicans have become today’s unabashed racists and bigots. While not every Republican is one, there has been enough silence and minimal censure within the party of Republican candidates starting from President Trump all the way to candidate Marjorie Greene in Kentucky for their bigotry generally, and Islamophobia specifically.

While Democrats have a long way to go before they can be considered the party that truly embraces diversity in its myriad forms, remember that they have opened their doors to not just Muslims (e.g. Reps. Keith Ellison and Andre Carson in the past, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib today), but to ideological diversity as well, with some Democrats leaning more left, others more right. A party that opens itself to diversity has scope and a place for Muslims; one that remains closed does not. 

3) Democrats support Muslims locally - so we can do more internationally

There are legitimate criticisms of how Democrats have handled and implemented policies that have harmed Muslims abroad, ranging from pro-Israel bias on the issue of Palestine to drone bombings in Afghanistan and Pakistan, to name just two. That said, when we choose the party that strengthens Muslims in America, we open the door to greater influence on how we advocate for these and other foreign policy issues relating to Muslims internationally. 

4) Compromising your politics is not compromising your faith and values

A number of Muslims are beguiled by the Republicans because of their purported commitment to traditional family values and anti-abortion stances. In contrast, they feel that embracing the Democratic Party means accepting their pro-gay, pro-choice on abortion stances. 

Consider this though: In Islam, Shirk, making partners with Allah, is the biggest sin. Yet, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, established treaties and relationships of mutual benefit between Muslims and Mushriks on an individual and collective basis without compromising his belief in the Oneness of God and rejection of all Shirk. The basis of the relationship with the Mushrikeen was justice and fairness and working for the greater good for all. 

Ask yourself how fair Republicans have been toward American Muslims? Do they respect our dignity and humanity when they either speak or encourage bigotry and racism against us - which have led to hate crimes? They don’t. They see us as a fifth pillar, as outsiders to be excluded. 

Democrats, while not perfect, have worked hard to include us and make us part of their vision of an America that includes and is good for all. 

It starts with respect for a person’s basic dignity and humanity. If you don’t have even that going, you can’t move forward. 

5) We need numbers if we want to get rid of President Donald Trump and his agenda

And that means it is not enough to just vote based on an individual candidate’s positions. Trump could win by a 10 percent margin. Yes, every vote counts. And that means every vote in favor of the Democrats is one less vote for Trump and his Republicans. It has never been more of a numbers game than this year. Please consider this before you vote.

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