Save Our Electoral Democracy

Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader
Representative Nancy Pelosi, Speaker Of The House


Former President George W. Bush
Former President Barack Obama


Dear Honorable Leaders:

Nothing is more critical right now than strengthening confidence in our electoral process, and thereby, our democracy.

We believe you have the knowledge and foresight to understand that in the midst of a pandemic, a certain possibility of delayed election results, and thriving conspiracy theories on social media, the need to build confidence in our democratic norms and practices is urgent and necessary.

External interference and internal doubts in the forthcoming elections will erode confidence in American democracy and its institutions.

This petition has been inspired by multiple editorials in the conservative and liberal media. However, it builds on the suggestion of a scholar from the conservative think- tank the American Enterprise Institute, who proposed the names of former Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to lead a bipartisan commission with authority to oversee the election process as a confidence-building measure.

We would like Congress to establish this commission and recruit both former presidents for this critical task, who enjoy high favorable opinions among Americans to lead this commission as soon as possible.

Will you sign?