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Who are the Muslim Democrats?

Muslim Democrats is a twelve-year-old collective effort of several activists, organizers, and community leaders across America. It includes about 60 organizers from 15 states, working with about 2,000 volunteers who mobilized about 300,000 Muslim votes for Obama in the swing states during the 2008 campaign. Muslim Democrats is a Federal PAC. 

Swinging the Swing States

We are working in swing states to swing the elections for Democrats and increase our strategic impact. Muslim votes made the difference in the previous election cycles and will be even more important in 2020.

Our vote matters. And here is how?

Muslims and other minority communities can make a major difference in electoral politics if they are organized. Here are some examples of the tight elections in which Muslim votes most likely made a difference.

  • In 2016 Trump defeated Hillary Clinton by shifting fewer than 80,000 votes in three states (Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) — or 0.06% of 137 million cast.
  • In 2,000 Bush won Florida by 537 votes with 60,000 Muslim voters.
  • In the 2008 elections, McCain defeated Obama in Missouri by 3,903 votes. 
  • Obama won Ohio with just 200,000 votes where over 150 trained Muslim volunteers mobilized voters tipping the balance in his favor.

It’s About Us, Not About A Candidate

It is not about a particular candidate. It is about ourselves. Islamophobia can only be defeated by our civic engagement, political empowerment, and coalition building. Hate, fear, and anger is hurting America. We must all work together to liberate our country from fear and make diversity as American as Apple pie. 

Voting For the Democratic Party Does Not Mean That We Remain Silent On Issues Which Matter to Us Like indefinite detentions, foreign policy issues, and the war-terrorism-Islamophobia nexus. It is by organizing better and connecting with our neighbors that we can eventually make a difference on these issues. Organizing our voice does not end with elections.

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