Our Accomplishments

Muslim Democrats is a network of American Muslim activists, organizers and community leaders working across party lines towards a stronger America with greater justice, equity and compassion for all. We will do this by empowering Muslim communities through meaningful civic and political engagement. Donate  Volunteer

Muslim Democrats believe in principled politics; the idea that integrity, inclusiveness, bipartisan relations, and collaboration are key to a strong and inclusive America.

We plan to:

Articulate policy priorities on behalf of the Muslim community to political parties, to the administration, to public officials and to candidates for public office.

Organize the Muslim electorate through development & maintenance of a database of American Muslim voters, Muslim-led political organizations, Muslim public officials and key political allies.

Secure appointments for Muslims to boards, commissions, and various public positions.

Recruit and train American Muslim candidates to run for public office and to manage electoral campaigns.

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